Glazed Porcelain
Baby Shoes

with Gold Writing


Length- (") sign will be added, unless you specify otherwise in "Special Instructions" space:

Special Instructions:

Add More Gold Around Perimeter: $7.00

Check Box to add Extra Inscription: $5.00
Extra Inscription:

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Olathe, KS

Porcelain Baby Shoe   --    $35.00
An extra inscription can be added on this bootie for $5.00. 

It would replace any design on that side.

If placed on the bottom, it would be added with black porcelain paint.
Here's the start of a beloved American
tradition for the baby in your life.

The 3 1/2" by 1 5/8"  porcelain baby shoe is
personalized for the new baby with 24 karat
gold lettering
on the side. 

After baby's birth statistics are hand-written,
the shoe is kiln-fired to create a smooth,
lustrous finish that will endure for generations.

Price includes baby's  name, birthdate, time, weight, and length.
Please order carefully.  Personalized shoes are custom made and cannot be refunded.  However, they will be corrected or remade, at no charge, if a mistake was made on my part.  Please email photo of shoe when informing me of a mistake or damage.
My standard way of writing is to use lbs., oz. and ( " ) for inches, even  though the ( " ) sign doesn't show up in  the  order form.  Please clarify in the  "Special Instructions" line to request something else.
Email this page to your friends!
Phone orders welcome:  913-909-3571
This shoe comes with gold detailing across
top of tongue. You can add more gold, which
would go up and down eyelet area and around
the entire top edge of the shoe, by clicking on
the appropriate box in order form.
Shown with More Gold
(sorry, gold doesn't
photograph very well
Sample of my writing.
Sorry, Gold doesn't
photograph well.
I have been meaning to get an email off to you.  I received my order and absolutely love the porcelain shoe. The writing on the shoe was delicate and perfect.
Thanks so much
Joan Korowotny
Thanks Dianna, I received the order yesterday and loved it!  It was everything I hoped it would be!

Thanks for the good work and for offering something personal and unique,

Simple, Hand-drawn Gold Cross
Just so you know, the person receiving this order looks forward to your shoes with each pregnancy (this was #5) and as soon as she is up to it, she calls to give me the birth details so I can order the shoe.  EVERYONE Iíve ever given your shoes to has absolutely loved them!  Thank you so much for your great products and making my gift-giving for new babies a snap.  Have a good evening.  RW
The booties arrived yesterday! They are so beautiful!!  Many thanks for writing in Polish. Wonderful job!
Best regards,
This item usually mail out
in  1-2 weeks.

   Price is for one shoe.