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Dianna Kume


Olathe, KS

Credit Card Merchant Services

Square Receiving Blankets
I know how important swaddling a baby is.  I wanted to offer receiving blankets on my site, but had a hard time finding nice ones to offer.  Most of the ones you find are rectangle in shape which are hard to properly swaddle a baby in.  Blankets also need to be large enough.  These measure around 40" -  42" square.  Large enough to swaddle baby properly.
When my youngest grandbaby was born, his Mom was given the video "The Happiest Baby on the Block".  It explains the importance of swaddling and why it works.  I have always used receiving blankets and knew to swaddle, but I didn't know why it worked.  After watching that video, I totally understand it.  Do yourself a favor and get the video!
This is a big, square receiving, baby swaddle blanket, made of 100% cotton flannel.  It has been preshrunk and squared off, making it a blanket that will stay square and not get weird-shape after you wash it. 
Prices have been reduced just in time for cooler weather.